“Last year we sold out in March.” reports Victor Gonzalez, “This year we exceed our wholesale sales goals and sold out before the second week of February!”

Rob Kellso and Victor Gonzalez (left to right), inspect some of the quarter-million new lavender plants already committed through wholesale orders for 2018.

Faced with the ever-increasing demand from commercial lavender farmers across the globe, Victor has recently entered into a strategic partnership with the Kellso family of Tumwater, WA to expand farmlands as well as operational capacity. Additional specifics of the new partnership will be detailed soon. However, “The potential for increased growing capacity and expanded customer service for both our commercial accounts and our farm and festival visitors is good news!” exclaims Gonzales.

The new partnership will seek to expand growing acreage in order to keep up with Victor’s increased commercial demand for lavender.

Additional services will occur in increased customer support and a dedicated wholesale buyers website for ordering plants and products. Stay tuned!

News Release