To Victor’s Lavender Farm

The whole valley is beautiful on Sequim Lavender Weekend but there is a unique Sequim Lavender Experience waiting for you at Victor’s Lavender Farm! This working lavender farm is known throughout the world… he’s the farmer who supplies the other farms with gorgeous lavender…and Victor and his professional staff will be here not only help you pick out your plants but to show you how to care for and grow robust lavender at your home or at your new lavender farm.  Workshops, lavender products, music, food, and one of the most knowledgeable farmers in the countrythis is the place to be! Spend the day with the “family” of Victor and Maribel Gonzalez and enjoy our hospitality, friendship, and knowledge.

Since planting his first lavender plants in 1997, Victor has developed growing practices that have allowed his plants to thrive. Victor continues to expand his knowledge with each plant he cultivates. 

The Farm

Visit the farm Memorial Day through September!


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Today, lavender growers, local gardeners, and other experts rely on Victor’s advice for successful plants. When local lavender farms, gardeners, and businesses need lavender plants, they depend on Victor’s Lavender for the healthiest plants money can buy.