Taking Orders For 2015

Ok, here’s where we are now……out of lavender plants. (Or just about anyway) The demand for lavender this spring was incredible. Way beyond what we had anticipated. We did manage to fulfill our pre-season orders and most of  the orders that came in later. Some of you may not have gotten all of the plants you wanted or maybe not a particular variety you were hoping for but we did the best we could. This high demand for our lavender plants has left us short of plants for those of you who want to plant this fall. Most major orders will not ship until spring 2015. We propagated everything we could lay our hands on to fill orders and our greenhouses were absolutely bulging. Those bulging greenhouses are now feeling pretty spacious.

We still have some of the old standby varieties and can handle orders for a few trays here and there. If there is something you are looking for send us an email with your wish list and we’ll see what we can do. There might still be a rabbit or two left in the hat.
Place your order now for 2015!