Here’s another event to add to your calendar. The Whidbey Gardening Workshop is a place to find more plant information than you will know what to do with. Saturday, March 7th is the day. The place, Oak Harbor High School, 950 Northwest 2nd Ave.,  Oak Harbor, WA 98277. There are literally dozens of classes to choose from but one you want to attend for sure is Victor’s. During this class he will be discussing ‘Best Practices’ for planting, the basics of propagation, how to care for your plants and which varieties are best suited to different climates and soils. Absolutely loaded with great information about lavender. There are three sessions with classes so you can still choose to attend two more while you are there. From Rhodies to Peonies, Composting to Irrigation, you can even learn how to make slugs and bugs work for you. Here is a link to their brochure. Check it out and save the date.  http://www.whidbeygardeningworkshop.org/2015/docs/wgw_2015_brochure.pdf