There is no doubt our nation and the world are going through a very tough time, something unimaginable to most of us alive today. We have never experienced anything close. This is a very trying time in more ways than one and is affecting each and every one of us. If we all abide by the guidelines for staying at home, whether it has been deemed mandatory or voluntary, social distancing, and washing your hands we all can do our part to defeat the spread of this COVID19 virus. By staying united and resolved we will get through this.

While you are doing your part and staying at home – with time on your hands – why not plant some lavender? As you can imagine we are down to a very basic crew. Victor is basically the one holding down the fort now as he is unable to be out on his consulting trips. But he can still ship plants. If you are flexible on plant sizes (2″ vs 3 1/2″), your plants can be shipped to you right away. For immediate shipping please contact us at Please include your Sales Order Number in your email and Victor will get back to you regarding sizes and varieties currently available.

If close quarters at home are causing tension and the stress levels to rise – try a few drops of Victor’s Lavender Oil in a diffuser or dilute 50/50 and apply to neck and shoulders. It will help to calm the jangled nerves.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been directly touched by this virus. Please call and check on your loved ones, neighbors and those you know who are most vulnerable. We will win this battle by all uniting and adhering to the guidelines designed to save lives.

Stay Home – Stay Safe – Stay Healthy