With spring closing in we are getting ready to start shipping your orders. We will begin with those in the earlier planting zones. Some of you, as we see from the nightly weather reports, are still experiencing some serious winter storms. Hang in there – spring will come.  

For those of you who would like to save some money on shipping charges – you can pick up your order here at the farm. On orders over $500 we are offering a 5% discount if you come and pick up your plants. Even a days drive could be worth the effort.  Bring your own truck and we’ll get you loaded up.

If you have a large order and live farther away, we can even arrange a rental truck for you. Fly out (use those airline points you’ve been racking up), pick up your rental truck loaded and ready to go, and see some of the country on your drive back home. As long as the weather isn’t freezing cold or scorching hot, your plants should be fine for up to 10 days. By picking up your plants you also minimize the risk of damage or lost shipments by commercial carriers. Your plants arrive safe and sound. 

Another upside to coming to the farm is that you will get a chance to meet and talk with Victor. He’s one of the countries foremost experts, a pure fountain of knowledge when it comes to lavender.

While you are here you can also check out our line of quality wholesale lavender products produced right here on the farm. A perfect addition to increase sales in your gift shop. Sold with our Name Brand labeling or we can produce them with your own logo. Just ask us for information. You can also email a request for information.

If you are interested in picking up your plants just shoot us an email to let us know. Please include your sales order number in your email.