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Dried Lavender

April 18th, 2014 by Jacki

English Lavender      Loose Lavender

Apparently everyone loves it. In bundles for that decorative touch and wonderful aroma, in sachets for freshening drawers and closets , and in cooking for the unique flavor. It’s a big favorite of lavender fans the world over. So much so that we are completely sold out of all of our dried lavender. (That was kind of a sneaky way to break the bad news to you wasn’t it?) No more bundles, no more loose lavender, no Sweet Summer Bud and no more culinary until August or September. But look at it this way…’s a great opportunity to try some of the awesome lavender products from our store.

To freshen a room – try our Forest Breeze Room Mist – I love the stuff.   ROOM MIST

If you haven’t already, you might want to try our cremes or lotion – it’s a great way to enjoy a variety of subtle scent combinations while your skin reaps the benefits of Goat Milk. What more could you ask for?
We also have some beautiful Goat Milk Soaps. The Lavender Lemongrass is a particularly nice one. PAINTED SOAP 2     GOAT MILK SOAP (2)  BEE SOAP
And there’s always our Lavender Essential Oil that has a multitude of uses.  OIL

So don’t give up hope….there are still lots of ways to enjoy your favorite fragrance. Bath Salts, Lip Balms, Hydrosol, Hand Sanitizer and for the gentlemen, our Northwoods Creme and Northwest Body Mist. And hey – don’t forget your pets. We’ve got lots of great products for them too. So go ahead – give them a try.
We will be sure to let you know when our dried lavender products are available again. We are sorry that we can’t supply them for you now but must say that we are delighted with the popularity of our products. Business seems to be starting off very well this year. Plants sales have been good and the lavender products are doing well. We hope that’s a good sign for our economy and that we have faith that Mother Nature will soon begin to cooperate and give some of you folks a much needed sign of Spring. Hang in there!

Plan Now For Lavender Planting 2014

August 20th, 2013 by victor

live-plants-LWe don’t want to nag so we’ll just call it a friendly reminder, but it’s already time to start thinking about next year’s lavender plants. We need to start our propagating soon in order to have plants that will be ready to ship when you are ready to plant. By placing a pre-season order, you will be guaranteed to have the plants in the varieties you need when you are ready to plant those new lavender fields. As an added bonus, any plant order of $1,000.00 or more, received by December 31, 2013, will receive a 10% discount. We require a 10% deposit at the time you place the order but you will not be charged for the balance of your order until they are shipped to you. The lavender plants will ship in the spring at a time appropriate for planting in your area.

Take some time and review our available varieties of Lavandula X Intermedia, Angustifolia and Stoechas. If you don’t see the lavender you are looking for just send us an email at info@victors We may already have it. We are always acquiring  new lavender varieties and many aren’t yet listed on our website or order form.

While you are cruising our website for lavender plants, have a look at all of our great lavender products and gifts. This year we started making all of our own lavender products and they have been a huge success. People love them. We opened a gift shop on our farm here in Sequim this summer and the products are selling like crazy. We have everything from lavender goat milk soaps and lotions to lavender pet products as well as products for the home and gifts for some of your favorite lavender fans. If you have a gift shop at your location and would be interested in carrying our products give us a call and we would be happy to discuss our wholesale program with you.

So sit back, relax and envision your new lavender field.


Brand New Storefront for Victor’s Lavender

June 3rd, 2013 by victor

Our New Store

Our New Store

We are so excited to announce the June 4th opening of our new store right here on our growing grounds in Sequim.

We’ve been so busy shipping lavender plants that it has been a real challenge to have everything done but we’re ready!  Our good friends Beth Norris and Barbara Landbeck have been absolute treasures. My wife, Maribel, Beth and Barb have all spent many long hours converting a portion of our drying barn into a really charming place to display all of our products. We’ll have it packed full of the great products we offer in our web store. You will be able experience the wonderful  scents of our body mists, the softening qualities of our goat milk cremes and lotions as well as an opportunity to browse our selection of products for your home. We haven’t forgotten about the pets either. We will have our entire line of pet products available too. As the season progresses we will again have both fresh and dried lavender bundles ready for you to take home and enjoy.

Be sure to mark you calendar to come by and say hi. If you are local or just passing through – we’d love to see you.

We truly want to thank all our friends and family who worked so hard to help us make this happen.


Lavender for Christmas – Yes!!

December 10th, 2012 by victor

There’s still time to do your Holiday shopping the easy way – from home. We have lavender gifts for all the special people on your list. We have awesome goatmilk cremes and soaps, body mists and facial moisturizers for the ladies, sachets and beautifully scented pillows that will sweeten any room. We have a couple great products for the men on your list too – it’s a great fragrance they will love. There are lavender stuffed teddy bears to soothe the little ones to sleep (you might want one of these for yourself) and other gifts for the younger set. Don’t forget the pets – they like Christmas too and we’ve got just the right gifts for them. Browse our store, (and don’t forget the stocking stuffers while you’re looking) put together your list, punch the button and we’ll have it on the way to you. Simple as that. Give it a try. We know you will be delighted with our quality organic lavender gifts.

While we are all doing our shopping – please remember to include those less fortunate, now and throughout the year.

Warmest Wishes for the Happiest Holidays

Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret – Goat’s Milk!

September 13th, 2012 by victor

History has it that Cleopatra used goat’s milk to maintain her beautiful skin. Just might be something to that. Though most of us don’t have the luxury of a daily dip in a goat milk bath we can use the next best thing – Goat Milk Soap. The benefits are many. It’s close to the natural pH of human skin so it won’t dry your skin. The gentle exfoliating properties of Alpha-hydroxy contained in goat milk helps rejuvenate your skin, reducing wrinkles and signs of aging. (Yes!) The butter fat naturally moisturizes, saving money on all those lotions you buy to put back what regular soaps take away.  It contains vitamins that nourish and proteins that kill the bacteria that cause acne.  Gentle on sensitive skin. Best of all there are none of the chemicals used in your everyday big brand store bought soaps. Once you try it – you’ll never go back. And…Better yet…..We have begun producing these great products ourselves so be sure to watch for this and other fantastic Goat Milk products soon to be available in our store.