Welcome to Victor’s Lavender

A farm located in Sequim, Washington

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When it comes to propagating lavender, Victor Gonzalez, a wholesale lavender grower and supplier, is considered the North Olympic Peninsula’s resident expert. He has successfully propagated more than one million lavender plants and counting. During the last decade,
Victor’s green thumb has helped Sequim, Washington become the official lavender capital of North America.

Victor possesses an almost intuitive knowledge of growing lavender, which he credits to his family’s farming background. “Although I had never grown lavender before moving to Sequim, my family farmed so I grew up learning about different soils and farming
practices,” he said. “I was able to apply my knowledge of farming to lavender growing.”

Since planting his first lavender plants in 1997, Victor has developed growing practices
that have allowed his plants to thrive. Victor continues to expand his knowledge with each plant he cultivates. Today, lavender growers, local gardeners and other experts rely on Victor’s advice for successful plants. When local lavender farms, gardeners and businesses need lavender plants, they depend on Victor’s Lavender for the healthiest plants money can buy.