Just like most of us Victor is ready to say ‘adios’ to 2020!

From global pandemic closures to weeks of thick smoke, and the painful national divisions caused by race and politics, 2020 has worn out its welcome.

But through it all, Victor’s Lavender has a LOT of 2020 accomplishments to celebrate!

We proudly opened Victor’s Rain Shadow Lavender, a dedicated retail & consumer lavender farm just down the road. Even with the COVID restrictions, we were pleased to welcome thousands of visitors to tour the lush fields and get excited about our continued growth as a destination – and experiential – lavender farm for Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula.

We offered an extensive season full of consultations and in-person education offerings. A highlight for Victor was spending quality time with current and future commercial lavender growers, sharing hours and hours of tips for business success, earned from nearly 30-years in the lavender industry. In 2021 we hope you will join us for additional educational offerings, either in person or virtually

We shipped a record number of plants!

Thanks to both our faithful long-term and brand new customers, we shipped a record 300,000+ plants in 2020!

Experts report that home gardening has ‘bloomed’ around the world during coronavirus lockdowns. And Victor’s Lavender is pleased to be a part of this growing trend.

While the additional new live plant orders from home gardeners and retail shoppers was nice, the BIG THANKS goes out to our growing family of commercial and wholesale lavender farmers throughout North America.

Even as the pandemic was closing down communities and whole states, Victor’s trucks – each loaded with thousands of plants – were traveling America’s highways.

Now is the time to place your 2021 commercial plant orders!

“It’s Not Easy Being Green” – Kermit the Frog

From propagation to delivered lavender plants require a mountain of steps. Scaling Victor’s greenhouse and staffing capacity to meet demand requires a lot of planning and difficult business decisions, steps successfully refined over Victor’s 3+ decades in the industry.

One of the most important steps begins with YOU!

Early and accurate 2021 commercial and wholesale orders greatly help Victor plan for 2021’s lavender plant production.

Now is the time to place your 2021 commercial and wholesale orders.
Waiting too long places you at risk of not being part of Victor’s biggest lavender propagation season ever!

So here’s a salute to YOU our wonderful 2020 customers, both retail and commercial. And an invitation to stay involved with Victor’s Lavender and now Victor’s Rain Shadow Lavender, into 2021 and beyond.

We hope that 2021 will enable us to once again welcome shoppers into our physical stores, (remember our online store is always open!) and that we’ll be able to once again host a drying barn dance and plenty of face-to-face lavender lessons with Victor and our wonderful staff!

Thank you!

Victor, Maribel, Christian, Jacki, Rex, Rob, Edgar, Steve & Scott

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