Victor really is not crying wolf every year. The growing popularity of Victor’s lavender throughout the United States and Canada continues to amaze, even us!  The enormous time and talent needed to propagate Victor’s lavender intersects with advance commercial and home gardener orders. The results are that we are already sold out of many varieties for spring of 2020.

We are grateful that so many of you place your trust in Victor’s lavender plants and products. Despite having expanded our greenhouse and propagation capacity every and every year, we still have finite space where we can forecast and produce each of the multiple varieties of lavender offered at Victor’s. Given this limited space we must work smart and hard to ensure that we can meet the growing demand for Victor’s lavender.  In order to fulfill the large volume of advance orders already received for spring 2020 we have very limited space to produce remaining inventory. Many of varieties are already sold out for 2020.

If you are looking for plants for Spring 2020 please place your orders NOW! We will do our very best to see that you get the plants you are asking for, but the longer you wait to place your order the less chance there will be that we can supply certain varieties. Please download the order form from our website and submit via email attachment to us at as soon as possible.

Once again, we are honored and grateful for your continuing faith in Victor’s lavender. Thank you.

Here is Victor – checking the temperature of the lavender plants.