Wholesale Only

Thank you for choosing to order from Victor’s Lavender, we are certain you will be pleased with your plants. We are a wholesale grower and sell commercially to stores and nurseries.

Products featured on our store pages are also available for wholesale purchase. Minimum quantities apply. If you are interested in adding our line of quality products to your gift shop contact us for a list of available products and prices.

Orders are accepted for full trays only.   Minimum Order – 2 Trays

  • Plug trays contain 72 plugs at $0.65 each
  • 2.5″ trays contain 36 plants at $1.15 each (Please note order form incorrectly says 32)
  • 3.5″ trays contain 18 plants at $1.60 each
  • Gallon size plants are also available at $4.00, call for details

If the variety you are interested in is not listed, please write your request in the extra spaces on the order form. Victor’s lavender is able to fill most special orders.

How to Order:

Download and fill out the PDF order form then fax to (360) 683-7830. Please be sure to include your credit card information and expiration date. Washington State residents please include a copy of your current resale certificate or sales tax will be applied to your order.

    • Lavender Plugs
      Highly recommended to transplant into larger container before planting out.
    • 2.5 inch Pots
      This size is recommended for direct planting into the field.
    • 3.5 inch Pots
      Finished product, ready for resale.
    • Box of Bundles
      24 bundles per box, 1 box minimum. $96.00
    • Sifter
      Used to clean your lavender buds,leaves your lavender 95% clean. Two sizes of screens included. $30.00 each.
    • Loose Grosso Lavender
      Minimum 5 lbs. $15.00/lb
      Minimum 10 lbs. $13.00/lb
      Minimum 50 lbs. $11.00/lb
    • Sickle
      Minimum order is 6, at $6.00 each.