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Spanish Lavender (Lavendula Stoechas)

August 21st, 2012 by victor

Spanish Lavender – Alba

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 Spanish Lavender – Alba

This is a great white flowering variety from the Spanish Lavender family. It’s compact size, 2′ high and wide, will make a perfect addition to your garden. Awesome in a Moon Garden or as an accent plant anywhere in your landscape. This prolific bloomer will delight you from spring to fall if the first bloom is sheared off when the blossoms are spent. This will encourage a second bloom lasting into the fall.




Spanish Lavender – Bella

Spanish Lavender – Bella

This evergreen shrub, sometimes referred to as Rabbit or Bunny Ears, is a pinkish to purple variety of the Lavendula Stoechas family which will be sure to delight any gardener. These plants are grown mainly for their aesthetic value and make stunning accent plants. As with Alba, the bloom time can be extended by shearing after the first bloom.


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Lavender – Gros Blue

April 12th, 2012 by victor

Gros Blue

New lavender cultivar from France


This new cultivar is becoming very popular throughout the Pacific Northwest. This elegant plant produces a longer flower head making it an excellent choice for fresh or dried bouquets. It holds it’s dark, almost navy blue color when dry. This is a perfect accent plant for that special spot in your garden.