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*Please note all orders for live plants placed after September 12 will not ship until sometime in April of next year. If you would like your plants shipped immediately please contact us for availability.

  • Lavandula Angustifolia4″ Pots Lavandula Angustifolia

    Most recommended and valued of all lavenders because of the high quality oil produced by the plants. The species medicinal properties include everything from alleviating stress, headaches and insomnia to reducing fevers. SHIPPNG DATE – SEE ABOVE
    More about this variety >

    $20.00 - 4 plants (Min. order 8 plants)
  • Stoechas4″ Pots Lavandula Stoechas

    Widely used commercially in air fresheners, deodorants, disinfectants and insecticides. It contains a fragrance that is between a true lavender scent and a pungent rosemary fragrance. More about this variety >

    $20.00 - 4 plants (Min. order 8 plants)
  • Intermedia4″ Pots Lavandula x Intermedia

    highly recommended for producing commercial oil and dried bundles. It is also a very popular garden plant because the oil is of lesser quality that (Angustifolias) due to the presence of high camphor. SHIPPING DATE – SEE ABOVE.  More about this variety >

    $20.00 - 4 plants (Min. order 8 plants)
  • Lavender Lessons DVD – Propagation

    Episode 1 – Propagation. Learn four essential steps for propagating lavender. 

    69.00 each DVD Episode
  • Lavender Lessons DVD – Planting

    Episode 2 – Planting. Eight essential steps for planting your lavender plus additional valuable tips. 

    69.00 each DVD Episode
  • SicleVery Sharp Sickle

    This very sharp sickle is perfect for trimming or harvesting the lavender plants in your garden or field. Long lasting, good to cut up to 1,000 plants. Be safe – Please wear leather gloves when cutting your plants.

    Price: $6.00
  • Lavender SifterLavender Sifter

    Great for cleaning your lavender buds whether you are cleaning one plant
    or one hundred. Complete with two screen sizes. 20” diameter x 4” tall. More about this tool >

    Price: $30.00
  • Rooting HormoneRooting Hormone Powder

    Be more successful with your propagation and germination by using Victor’s Choice, Hormex Rooting Powder. Gives your cuttings a strong start.

    Price: $15.99


  • Organic FertilizerOrganic Fertilizer

    This granular organic fertilizer is Victor’s Choice for topping all of our fields and potted plants. 8-2-4 Blend supports vigorous growth and strong healthy plants. For field plants apply once a year in early Spring around the base of the plant. One pound will feed approximately five mature plants. For potted plants apply once in early Spring and again as needed in late Summer depending on individual growing conditions.

    4.00 per lb


  • Heated Greenhouse Kit

    Everything you need to successfully propagate your own lavender. Kit includes Heated Tray, Clippers, our own Starter Soil and Rooting Hormone Powder. You’ll also receive Victor’s Quick Tips on Propagating Lavender.  

    Price: $74.95


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