“Lavender Lessons” DVD Educational Series


Each episode of Victor’s Lavender Lessons includes: DVD, Instructional worksheet, Exclusive Deals & Support


Start growing lavender!

Victor’s exclusive Lavender Lessons will give you hours of insights and years worth of valuable tips and techniques aimed to increase your enjoyment of lavender (and for commercial lavender professionals – help you grow your profits!)





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All 3 Lavender Lessons educational DVD episodes can be yours for the low price of $200.00.

Or order each episode individually for only $69.00

3 educational DVD episodes of Lavender Lessons to enjoy:



Enjoy watching each episode of Victor’s Lavender Lessons on your laptop or TV

Episode 1: Propagation: Watering, Varieties & Techniques 

69.00 each DVD Episode

Episode 2: Planting: Timing and Best practices for success. Growing and Sunning, Weed control, Watering, Disease Control & Pruning 

69.00 each DVD Episode

Episode 3: The Harvest and Beyond: Oils, Culinary, and 6-varieties to grow your Lavender Business Basics (Temporarily Out of Stock) 

SAVE with the Full-Set DVD Deal! Order all 3 DVD’s and save. (Temporarily Out of Stock)


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