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Now Taking Orders for 2017

April 27th, 2016 by Jacki

Hidcote Blue

Yup – That’s right – 2017.

The Lavender Business is absolutely blooming!!

Just a quick informational note to let you know that any large orders received now will not be available for shipping until spring of 2017. We will still be able to fill smaller orders for select varieties for fall planting. You can download and submit our order form and we will let you know if it will be available for shipping this fall.

Please remember that we have a 4 tray minimum order. Four trays also fit snugly in our shipping boxes. Odd numbers of trays leave the risk of damage during shipment as it is difficult to secure them.




Exclusive All-in-One Lavender Processing Machine

April 27th, 2016 by S3

Victor meets lots of people. Sharing his 20+ years of Lavender experience and insight.

He’s always looking for better ways to grow and produce lavender.  All too often he hears folks assuring him they have a “better way” to do something related to lavender.

When Victor met Richardo fall of 2015 he thought little would come of Richardo’s confidence that he could build a single machine that – essentially – automates the labor intensive process of processing dried lavender bundles into cleaned buds, ready for culinary or additional processing.

Richardo has shared an amazing machine! Take a sneak preview of it and sign-up to hear more about how you can add this time-saving wonder to your lavender production