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Whidbey Gardening Workshop

February 27th, 2015 by Jacki


Here’s another event to add to your calendar. The Whidbey Gardening Workshop is a place to find more plant information than you will know what to do with. Saturday, March 7th is the day. The place, Oak Harbor High School, 950 Northwest 2nd Ave.,  Oak Harbor, WA 98277. There are literally dozens of classes to choose from but one you want to attend for sure is Victor’s. During this class he will be discussing ‘Best Practices’ for planting, the basics of propagation, how to care for your plants and which varieties are best suited to different climates and soils. Absolutely loaded with great information about lavender. There are three sessions with classes so you can still choose to attend two more while you are there. From Rhodies to Peonies, Composting to Irrigation, you can even learn how to make slugs and bugs work for you. Here is a link to their brochure. Check it out and save the date.

Don’t get frustrated……

February 20th, 2015 by Jacki


We know a lot of you have trouble reaching us this time of year. From October through March, around here, everyone’s time is totally consumed with propagating lavender plants in a gallant effort to meet the ever increasing demand for this great plant. Our ‘Mother Plants’ are all grown outdoors in fields, soaking up the Olympic Peninsula fresh air and sunshine. We don’t keep them penned up in a temperature controlled greenhouse with artificial light nor do we use fertilizer or other chemicals to force their growth. Because our ‘Mother Plants’ are au naturel, we have only a small window of time to harvest and plant our starts. So from dawn to dusk you will find Victor either in the field or in the greenhouse planting our cuttings. (That’s the story of a farmer’s life you know)


Well, back to the problem at hand, we do our best to return calls and emails within 48 hours. (Mind you, we said we do our best.) The very best way to contact Victor is via email, If you choose to call, please leave a detailed message with your name and a direct contact phone number. Victor returns many calls in the evening so please leave direct numbers for both day and evening.

On another note, in October we remind you to get your orders in before the end of the year. We even throw out another reminder or two before the end of the year. This enables us to plan what we need to grow to fulfill our orders. We generously pad this amount to in an effort accommodate those who order late as we hate to disappoint. But once again, due to the ever growing popularity of our lavender, we are sold out of lavender that will be ready for spring planting. We might still have some Grosso available but it is going fast. We will have more available in June but if you have a large order and want to plant in June please submit your order before the end of March. If you still want to plant this spring email us with your wish list and we will do our best.


I Love Lavender by Ashdene

February 3rd, 2015 by Jacki

Look at what we have for you!       Ashdene – I Love Lavender bone china.

15508 I LOVE LAV #A 001   16505_SoapDispenser_ILoveLavender_PP

You are going to love this stuff. If you are a Lavender Lover (and you must be because you are reading this) you have to check out our store for these beautiful products from Australia. There are some great items from bone china tea mugs and stainless steel infusers to lotion dispensers and tea towels.

The design is by an Australian artist, Jenny Phillips. She has garnered many awards for her botanical art. Her ability to capture the beauty of the plant without compromising on detail is incredible and very evident in the design of her I Love Lavender collection.   Jenny PhillipsYou really need to take a look at these to appreciate the beauty – pictures hardly do them justice.

We have carried these products in our shop here and they have been very popular. Perfect gifts for your lavender loving friends but while you are shopping, think about how great they would look in your own home.